EAT, SEED and BREED together with your friends on Carbonia.

The year is 2059;

humanity has almost wiped itself out; all essential resources have been consumed, the air is polluted and rubbish piles several meters up in the air. However, there is hope! Some people set out to look for a new habitat. They have found it: Carbonia.

Here in the foreign world of Carbonia the trees are blooming, there is clean air and the countryside is not polluted. Can this really be true? The explorers enter the new planet insecurely. On Carbonia, the newcomers find the buildings created by the Carbonians before they populated another planet to renew.

You now have a chance to prove that you have learned from the mistakes of the previous generation. But be careful, Carbonia knows how to defend when you fail!


Share your meal with Carbonia: get important resources by uploading pictures of your food. So your animals have something of it, too. By rating the food photos of your fellow players at the Tree of Life, you will receive healing points that your animals will enjoy after a fight.


Let the fields flourish: plant your collected seeds and grow your farm. Explore the land of your friends to see who has grown the greenest fields and the strongest animals.


Defend yourself: your animals will stand by you against the dangerous Carbonia creatures. Treat them well!


The earth is at its end; all its natural resources are exhausted. To live there is now impossible. Get into your spaceship and colonize a new planet with your friends!

On Carbonia you manage your own land and grow extraordinary animals. Test your strategic skills and save your new home from destruction. Be careful: unknown beings who are keen on your harvest lurk in the bushes. Together with your friends you have to fight for your survival on Carbonia. And remember: you are what you eat!

Welcome to Carbonia!

The year is 2059. You populate a new planet and have to prove that humanity can survive without exploiting it.

How does that work?

You photograph your food and get seeds for it. You plant them, harvest them and get the resources. From these ressoruces you create Carbonies, cute creatures that live on Carbonia. They help you to protect your country from the evil Nemesides who roam Carbonia several times a day.

You can also visit other lands in your game world and admire the Carbonies of your neighbors.

This little tutorial explains the most important game actions!

Have fun and good luck!

  • Eat, photograph, seed

    Photograph your main meals and get seeds for your beds. Assign three main ingredients to your food. You can then plant the ingredient seeds on the beds. Keep an eye on your food! It causes Monstrabon, a gas that the Nemesides feed on and that damages the air of Carbonia.

  • Harvesting

    Plant the ingredient seeds on the beds. After a few hours you can harvest them. If you harvest them too early, they will bring you less yield. But if you wait too long, the seed will spoil.

  • Carbonies

    In the enclosure you can grow up to 5 Carbonies. Simply allocate your harvested resources to the desired body parts. You can also upgrade the creatures. They become stronger and gain fighting morale. If you don’t like a body part, you can change it.

    Several times a day, evil Nemesides attack you. The stronger your Carbonies are and the higher their fighting morale, the better they can defend your land.

    Try it out!

  • Tree of Knowledge

    On the Tree of Knowledge, you can evaluate food combinations from other worlds. Does the photographed food match the selected ingredients? If this is not the case, players will get seeds that grow worse. So you should also make sure to rank your ingredients honestly. For each rating you get important healing points for your Carbonies.

    You can also collect healing points if you answer some questions from time to time for a statistical survey. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

  • Main building

    In the main building you can have a look at your game statistics. Keep in mind: you influence the values of your lands by yourself. Try to keep the Monstrabon in the green zone.

  • Carbonia

    With the planet button you can visit other lands. There you can look at the Carbonies of your playmates and praise them. This strengthens their fighting morale. With the gear button you enter the menu in order to log out of the world and to define game settings.

    At the top right you see the current game day of the world as well as the … of your lands, the ratio of Monstrabon level to strength of all your Carbonies.

  • Resources

    Here you find your available resources. How many of the four main ingredients have you harvested? The numbers in brackets indicate the number of seeds you can plant. At the right side you will find the healing points to heal your Carbonies.

Dear Carbonia player:

Carbonia can be downloaded here from the website. To do so, you must do the following:

However, only Android devices with at least Android 9.0 are supported. If your device doesn’t match, you can still play the game by downloading and installing it here from the website. To do so, you must do the following:

Select the settings of your device. In the security section there is an area for screen lock and security. Here you need to enable the permission option under Unknown Sources.

This is necessary in order to download and install the app outside the Play Store.

Then you can download the app via the button below and install it on your device. Updates will be installed in the same way.


And then we wish you a lot of fun.